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Experienced Leadership...

Brian Banks 

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Thank you all for stopping by our campaign's website. We look forward to meeting you and understanding the issues that matter most to you. 


Your generous support will help us continue the fight towards victory.

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We definitely appreciate your financial contributions towards our campaign. 


On the Issues

I Will Work to...

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Brian Banks talking to local Residents
Improve our Failing Infrastructure
Increase Funding for Mental Health Services
Invest in Public Health Project that Address
Environmental Pollution
Stop Illegal Tax Foreclosures
Stop the Over Assessing of Tax Assessments
Support Women’s Health & Reproductive Rights


Labor Unions & Constituency Groups

14th Congressional District
Original Eastside Slate
Operating Engineers 324
The Black Slate
United Auto Workers Region 1 (UAW)

Detroit Police Officers Association 
Planned Parenthood of Michigan

Elected Officials

Hon. Warren C. Evans, Wayne County Executive
Hon. Eric Sabree, Wayne County Treasurer

Hon. Stephanie Chang, State Senator District 1

Hon. Thomas Stallworth, Former State Representative

Hon. Alberta Tinsley Talabi, Former State Rep.
Hon. Fred Durhal, Detroit City Councilman Dist. 7
Hon. Ivery Toussant Jr., Harper Woods City Councilman
Hon. Latisha Johnson, Detroit City Councilwoman Dist. 4
Hon. Mary Sheffield, Detroit City Council President
Hon. Mary Waters, Detroit City Councilwoman
Hon. Mike Duggan, Detroit Mayor
Hon. Valerie Kindle, Harper Woods Mayor
Hon. Willie Bell, Detroit Police Commissioner


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