Labor Unions & Constituency Groups

14th Congressional District
Original Eastside Slate
Operating Engineers 324
The Black Slate
United Auto Workers Region 1 (UAW)

Detroit Police Officers Association 
Planned Parenthood of Michigan

Elected Officials

Hon. Warren C. Evans, Wayne County Executive
Hon. Eric Sabree, Wayne County Treasurer

Hon. Stephanie Chang, State Senator District 1

Hon. Thomas Stallworth, Former State Representative

Hon. Alberta Tinsley Talabi, Former State Rep.
Hon. Fred Durhal, Detroit City Councilman Dist. 7
Hon. Ivery Toussant Jr., Harper Woods City Councilman
Hon. Latisha Johnson, Detroit City Councilwoman Dist. 4
Hon. Mary Sheffield, Detroit City Council President
Hon. Mary Waters, Detroit City Councilwoman
Hon. Mike Duggan, Detroit Mayor
Hon. Valerie Kindle, Harper Woods Mayor
Hon. Willie Bell, Detroit Police Commissioner